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elaina \ ee-lay-nah \ noun : a 21-year-old, semi self-sufficient sweet-tea-drinking art student from the midwest.






"In 2003 the Free Speech Coalition went to the Ashcroft Supreme Court and basically said that the 1997 Child Pornography Protection Act was too broad. What did that act say? That act said that A) Nobody under eighteen could be in porn and B) Nobody who looked under eighteen.The Free Speech Coalition, the lobbying body of the porn industry, said that that [protection act] limited the free speech of the pornographers and they should be allowed to have women who look under eighteen. The Ashcroft Supreme Court agreed…”

Dr. Gail Dines addressing porn culture and rape culture’s intersecting roles in patriarchy

Creepiest law change ever dear fucking god, if you don’t think that’s the creepiest, worst shit, get out of my life

I’ve been slowly moving away from the porn end of sex positivity and this settles it. The porn industry needs to die. Immediately.

I used to think: well, if everyone is paid and not forced, why not? Let adults do what they want.

Since then it seems that porn is not so much about the sex itself anymore, but about comitting violence and degrading women.

Important. This is the creepiest thing.

Holy hell,
it’s been a month :O

ALRIGHT, i know i know i know eekeeeeekeeeeeek i’m sorry! busy is an understatement for me, honestly.

recap? can we do a recap? oh okay, i thought you’d agree with me.
everything that has happened over the past MONTH:
*went to prom (yes, prom).
*went on a…

human bio during junior year of college reminds me of anat. and phys. honors during junior year of high school. junior year of high school reminds me of annoying tumblr blog posts like this, yeeeeer welcome. 

i’m not going to apologize for this rant that i’m about to unleash because it needs to go somewhere before I literally explode. I am SO fucking mind-numbingly sick and tired of putting my energy in to people who can reciprocate. its exhausting beyond belief to expect people who I consider my friends to actually BE my friends. the one friend that I can always rely on is moving 9 hours away and thinking about it makes me miserable. I was totally happy and optimistic last week and here I am doing a complete reversal. I used to think not making progress felt bad, but knowing that you came so far just to unravel it all is the worst feeling.

in all honesty I don’t even really know what to say except that i’m exhausted and burnt out and absolutely 100% completely fed up with people

"I think it’s time we find out what we’re really up against."

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I am my father’s daughter.
I curse too often
and get affectionate when I drink. 
I am cold and distant
until I’m not.
I’m passionate about things I don’t do,
and I despise the things I do.
And I will love you,
but not tell you, 
and when I’m mad, 
the heavens will know.

I give what I’ve been given. 
And I pray to be given more.
More love.
More warmth.
More patience.
But I am my father’s daughter. 

destroy yourself by destroying others

i keep finishing all of my homework super early and then i don’t know what to do with myself. can i just graduate college and get a real job already?

i keep finishing all of my homework super early and then i don’t know what to do with myself. can i just graduate college and get a real job already?